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Speak up, take action

At Youthline we think it's really important to make sure your voices are heard and represented - both within Youthline (to make sure we provide the type of services you want to use!) and also as a voice to the media and government on issues that are important to young people and that impact how we live our lives in New Zealand.

We work closely with young people to make sure when Youthline speaks out about something, it reflects your voices and views.

A few ways in which we do this - and how you can get involved:

Youth Advisory Groups

We work alongside groups of young people that meet regularly to support and feedback on Youthline's work and services. We have local advisory groups around the country and also a national group of young people living throughout the country but who meet several times a year to work on different projects. To find out more about YAGs click here.

Youth Health Councils

Youthline has helped set up Youth Health Councils in a bunch of schools and have also developed some resources that YOU can use if you are thinking about starting up something in your school. Click here to find out more!

Having a say in the media

Often Youthline is asked to comment on issues or events that have caught the eye of the media. Sometimes we also contact the media ourselves to bring attention to things we think are important and that people should be made aware of. To read past media releases or to find out more about getting in touch, click here.

Youth mag Heyday

Everyday we work with so many awesome young people and come across people doing amazing things. In 2012 some of the young people that work for Youthline decided to start capturing these stories by interviewing and profiling the cool opportunities and people that we come across. This led to the creation of our online youth mag 'Heyday' - featuring stories written by young people, for young people. If you are interested in becoming a writer/designer/photographer for Heyday - let us know by emailing

Having a say in government

Youthline often responds to new laws and decisions being made by the government. We do this via direct contact with government departments and politicians, through the media, by conducting research and by responding via submissions.


By conducting and participating in research projects that tell us what is happening for young people, we are able to provide information on how we can help improve the things that impact young people's experiences growing up in New Zealand. We can use this information to advocate for young people on youth issues, based on good information.

Click here to find out more about Youthline's past research