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At Youthline, we know that sometimes it can be really hard getting the information that you need - information that will best suit YOU - because we aren't all the same and one size doesn't fit all.

We've prepared a whole lot of info online in our Info Zone section so that you can access it in your own time, when you need it. We try to give you a range of options so that you can explore and chose information that makes the most sense to you.

We also provide printed resources that can be sent out to you, your school or community - information on Youthline as well as information on topics such as what you will find in the Info Zone section. If you would like to order some resources and have them sent out to you, simply fill out this form and we will be in touch!

If you aren't sure about where to find something, would like resources sent out to you or you have more questions - that's cool! We can still help. You can free call, TXT or email us your questions.

  • Free phone 0800 37 66 33 for 24/7 support
  • Free TXT 234 between 8am and midnight for support
  • To receive daily inspirational automatic TXTs from Youthline, free TXT 'inspireme' to 234
  • Email

It doesn't matter your age, location or question - we are here to help and will get the information you need. If we are unable to answer your questions, we will connect you with people who can giver you the answers you need.