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All-ages Counselling Services

We provide free, inclusive, wrap-around ACC counselling and assessment services in the Auckland Region for anyone of any age who has experienced sexual abuse - children, young people and adults.

Once matched with your preferred counsellor, they will guide you step by step to work out whether you would like us to apply for financial assistance from ACC for you. 

From here your counsellor will work to develop a plan to support your short or longer term needs.

Information about our great team of experienced, highly skilled counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who are available to support you is below.

Please contact the Support Centre at ph: 09 376-6645 or to talk with someone about how we can help or to get further information.



Karen Adams2

Name: Karen Adams

Qualification: Registered Psychologist

Special Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Sexual Abuse.

Approach: Client-centred.


Andrew Macgregor1

Name: Andrew Macgregor

Qualification: Registered Psychotherapist MNZAP

Special Areas of Expertise: Trauma

Approach: Inclusive, supportive approach to therapy.


Geoff Garton 3


Name: Geoffrey Garton

Qualification: Level 8 Counsellor

Special Areas of Expertise: Psychodynamic Therapy/Trauma Therapy

Approach: Client-centred.


Karolle G2


Name: Karolle Gjaltema

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology, Post Masters Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Special Areas of Expertise: Somatic Mind Body Psychotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)

Approach: Tailored to the clients’ needs incorporating a mix of client-centred, mind body, CBT, schema therapy, process oriented, mindfulness, and systemic modalities.


Sue Nicholls 4 

Name: Sue Nicholls

Qualification: Bachelor of Counselling

Special Areas of Expertise: Youth, Relationships, Parenting, Life Stages, Stress, Burn Out and Anxiety

Approach: Client-Centred therapy, CBT, Family therapy, Mindfulness


Josie Young 3 

Name: Josie Young

Qualification: Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Violence and Trauma Studies, Certificate in Women’s Studies

Special Areas of Expertise: Lesbian Women, Domestic Violence, Trauma

Approach: Person centred therapy, time line therapy, Transactional analysis, C.B.T, Mindfulness.


Helen Harris 

Name: Helen Harris

Qualification:  Bachelor of Counselling

Special Areas of Expertise: Adult/Women, Cultural: Christian

Approach: I enjoy helping clients towards understanding, healing and meaning in their lives. I value a holistic view of personhood, incorporating spiritual values.


Chris Johannis3 

Name: Christine Johannis

Qualification: Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis)

Special Area of Expertise: Depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, difficulties with food and body image, relationship issues, lack of meaning and direction

Approach: I work alongside my clients in a safe and respectful way, helping them to manage presenting symptoms as well as working towards the desired growth and change.


Name: Charlotte Bell

Qualification: Post Graduate Psychotherapy, MNZCCA, Registered Psychotherapist

Special Areas of Expertise:

Charlotte sees clients at the Life Unlimited rooms in Ponsonby, Auckland. Her work is client centred with an integrative gestalt and psychodynamic approach, incorporating a Christian spiritual perspective. She also incorporates psychosomatic integrative psychotherapy

Approach: Charlotte works in a way to build a trusting relationship where clients have the opportunity to deal with past trauma using a range of modalities. Charlotte is a qualified psychotherapist, having worked in this field for more than 30 years. She utilizes a holistic model bringing together approaches which respect and work with clients spirituality, body responses and emotions in order to move through trauma to finding life giving ways of being, living more in the present . Charlotte has trained in Integrative Gestalt, Somatic Psychotherapy, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy and Mindfulness.

Nicky Baigent2 

Name: Nicky Baigent

Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy. Bachelor (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts

Special Areas of Expertise: Working with adults who have suffered childhood and recent sexual abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders

Approach: Psychodynamic with a Client-Centred focus. I also use Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy when helpful. I work with CBT also. Overall approach is holistic, and I’ve been working with Trauma/Abuse since 2002.



Name: Amber Davies

Qualification:  MHSc in Psychotherapy (Hons), Grad Dip Psychosocial Studies, Accredited PsychoSomatic Integration Practitioner

Special Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Adolescents, People diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Approach: Amber is a hopeful, warm and honest person. She works from a client-centred approach, tailoring the therapy to the individual with a dual focus on: creating a trusting and open relationship with the person, and working collaboratively to determine clear goals to enhance wellbeing. Amber has worked in a range of roles over the last 10 years in mental health, clinical leadership and youth development. She is an experienced group facilitator and works with both adults and adolescents.

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